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Posted 5th July 2019, 03:43 PM
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Please help! Pigeon can’t walk

So I’ve been taking care of this bird for three months now. When I found him, one of his eyes was sort of popped out from his skull. Naturally I took him to avian vet as soon as I could and so far the treatment was going great - he was eating and drinking well, tried flying (even though it was quite difficult for him with one eye only) but two days ago I noticed something was wrong.

He seemed a bit disoriented at first, moved very slow and occasionaly hit something and then all of sudden it started to seem as if his legs stopped working. I noticed it when he tried to land after one of his flights around the room but instead of landing he just fell and had some difficulties to get up. From that moment his legs seem to “switch off” several times a day. His wings don’t seem to work quite right as well.

He’s still eating and drinking pretty much the same amount as he was before, even though the feeding has become a little bit longer and more difficult process since he has difficulties moving.

I first suspected it might have been due to a head injury since he’s not much of a flyer so I just thought he hit his head a little and he just needs some rest. However since I didn’t want to stress him out, I put him off his mew medication (“Maxitrol” eyecream that I applied twice a day to the injured eye, I’m not a vet or anything but I was told that it contains corticoids.) and after two days without medication he seemed to do much better even though he was still quite tired and slept a lot during the day. So tonight I applied the medication again since he seemed to get better, and in no time he was falling again and whenever I picked him up, he stayed lying in my hand for a while instead of standing immediately, which is something he literally never does unless he comes to me to lie down by himself.

Is there a chance that this “paralysis” he experiences might be a side effect of this medication? If not, what else might be wrong? I can’t take him to the vet anytime sooner than monday (it’s the only avian vet around here and it’s closed over the weekend) and at this point I’m really freaking out because I have no idea how to help him out. I try to keep him as close as possible all day long so he doesn’t hurt himself while falling down and I make sure that he gets enough food and water but otherwise I am completely clueless.
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Posted 7th July 2019, 04:22 AM
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Are you keeping him indoors? He might lack calcium. Try to get liquid calcium with added Vit D3 from a petshop and add that to his drinking water. Hopefully this will help. They need sunlight for the body to absorb the calcium.
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