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Posted 26th May 2011, 04:36 AM
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An injured pigeon some times suffer from shock. This means that blood vessels become inflamed the blood supply,specially to the toes. These feel cold. To counteract this. keep the bird warm ie. in a box with a wrapped hot water bottle. The condition should not last longer than 3 hours. Bach's Rescue Remedy is helpful.
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Posted 31st January 2016, 09:11 PM
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Even though I rarely get on here on here anymore (life's gotten REAL busy), I'd like to add an update. Winter (now "Milady de Winter"... Lin renamed 'er after watching The Three Musketeers and I don't get a say in it) lives with us in our bedroom now. She's got her very own 250 Watt heatlamp, and that really IS keeping her alive because she can't keep herself warm enough when the temperature's below 90 or so. She's very much a lap pigeon now and insists on regular skritchings.

One VERY interesting thing that I'd like to share at this point which will be of great significance to us as a group is that she'd developed PMV-like symptoms a few years back--mostly torticollis (neck twisting), which was episodic when stressed for various reasons. Flight was impossible. At some point, she developed some kind of eye complication either due to getting pecked by a male in the loft or putting her left eye down into the floor in an epileptic-like fit. I brought her into the house and tried topicals and less aggressive systemic medications like ophthalmic terramycin ointment and initially amoxicillin as there was periorbital edema (swelling around the eye).

That didn't work, and after a lot of consideration, I decided to try something that nobody (and I mean NObody) had ever suggested to try--I put her on a oral max-dose Doxycycline/Tylosin mix for a month-and-a-half period. It's been said that Doxycycline is pretty hard on the GI and she certainly lost her appetite. I had to tube feed her several times a day for most of the therapy... AND... she STILL continued to lose weight through it all. This was literally one of those times when "the cure is worse than the disease".

At the end of it, though... no more episodic torticollis, no more PMV-like symptoms--she was completely cured. After the end, she slowly gained her appetite back and started eating like a pig, gaining weight rapidly. BY SHEER COINCIDENCE, I ran into the same vet that did her original oviduct surgery in an antique store near Eureka Springs, Arkansas and mentioned how that'd gone and asked point-blank if he thought that she'd had a mycoplasma infection in her vestibular system (inner ear--where our sense of equilibrium, or balance, is processed). He totally agreed with the theory.

The VERY important thought here is that they can have chronic infections that are synergistic (look it up)--I'm going to paraphrase The Big Book here as I can't find the reference at the moment: "Mycoplasmatales do not cause primary illness in the pigeon"... but it complicates or synergistically works with other infections (like salmonellae) to cause many of the symptoms that we see a lot in pigeons. That being said, it's very easy to coddle a sick individual pigeon literally to death while trying to "do no harm". SOMEtimes... the ONLY way out is THROUGH The Gates of H*ll. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.

And, furthermore... my studies indicate that this EXACT same dynamic actually operates in us as humans. Literally. A lot of our physical problems (like some types of arthritis) have the EXACT same causes, even if usually due to different species of mycoplasmatales. Medical science actually knows this now, by the way, even IF they don't make it plain to US, apparently because we're a source of (exorbitant) income.

I used the formulary from Clinical Avian Medicine to dose her, and I continually adjusted her specific dose according to her diminishing weight through the entire therapeutic course. I utilized a 2 milligram resolution gem scale in order to stay very true to the dosing within a few milligrams. This discovery was more by accident than design, so I'll take no credit for forethought--I was really just trying to solve the eye infection at the time and the neurological effects were a complete and (very pleasant) surprise.

For those of you who think that all (board-certified) avian vets have ONLY the welfare of the patients in mind and are NOT motivated by The Profit Motive and will omnisciently... walk the bird... AND YOU... through this treatment protocol (it's kinda' tough on the rehabber emotionally due to the progressively downhill condition of the patient) when it's warranted... well... I'm sorry, but you're dreaming. As bad as this sounds... you're HIGHLY unlikely (this means virtually NEVER) to get the advice to do this, nor will your vet do it him or herself. NEITHER is your own doctor going to put you through it for your OWN therapy for your arthritic problems. I can STILL remember listening to an interview on the radio in a parking lot in a rental car over a decade ago about the recently-discovered synergism of various pathogens to cause US our most common degenerative diseases... which I am personally NOW beginning to suffer due to my advanced age...

I'll be frank about this... I saw several of my good friends on here die of things from cancer to vascular-related diseases over a period of just a few years. TOO many. That is, TOO MANY for me to NOT seriously consider that a link existed between our rehabbing activities and our own health. ANYbody that knows me... even the people that seem to hate me due to some sort of "attention competition" that seems to occur on these forums... should seriously pay attention to this: YES.... we MAY as rehabbers... run a personal health risk in exposing ourselves to some of these zoonoses. THIS... depends on the individual (human)--there literally is NO way to reliably predict this. I'll say this for a certainty, though... if your personal blood oxygen saturation runs towards the high side, you're in better shape than those of us who run towards the lower. That's essentially the equivalent of saying that, statistically, the younger you are, the less this matters. And the OLDER you are... the higher the personal stakes are--Merry Christmas!

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Posted 31st January 2016, 10:41 PM
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Good to hear from you, Pidgey! Lots of food for thought in your post. Thank you!


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Posted 1st February 2016, 03:04 AM
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Thanks for posting, Pidgey.

"Pigeons know more than we think - and think more than we know" ~ John D.
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Posted 1st February 2016, 06:15 AM
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Thank you for the update, Pidgey! I really appreciate your thoughts and viewpoints.

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Posted 1st February 2016, 07:31 AM
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Pidgey, good to hear from you. Agree with your reminder to consider our own health. Am in the process of moving our pigeons from inside three rooms of our house to an outside shed because if hypersensitivity pneumonitis. So your caution is warranted. Take care.
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