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Posted 17th August 2019, 02:17 PM
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Sick baby pigeon

Hello all, a pigeon laid its eggs and one of them finally hatched on July 30th. The thing is that it's brother pecked a hole onto the egg, causing the pigeon to come out earlier than expected. The pigeon, after hatching itself was abnormally small. Soon, the pigeon started to grow weird black patches on itself (it's originally white in colour). It's parents left it alone when it was less than 2 weeks old. And that was when we decided to feed the pigeon. We would feed it with diluted rice and water and it would happily munch on it. It's parents would come and check on it occasionally. But then, just a couple of days ago, it started to act a bit weird. It started cornering itself and would just turn itself around, even when it's parent pigeon tries to feed it. Right now, the pigeon's beaks are dried up. We brought it inside from the balcony and tried feeding it but it just doesn't try eating it. Earlier, we've brought it in a couple of times and it would happily munch on its food but then now, it just doesn't work on it. It would start screaming when something light (even a feather) touches it's body. It seems dehydrated and we tried giving it some spoonfuls of water but it just doesnt sip from it. There are also no nearby vets nearby. Please advise.
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Posted 18th August 2019, 01:04 AM
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Rice is not very nutritious for baby pigeons. Feeding him defrosted green peas will be a better option. A 2 week old baby will need 30 peas 3 times daily, total of 90 per day. You can try to get him to drink water by dipping the tip of his beak (not over the nostrils) in a small bowl of water to get him to drink. You might have to do this a couple of times before he learns.

If he is refusing food, he might be sick. Take a flashlight and look deep down inside his throat for yellowish growths that might indicate canker. This is quite a common disease, but can easily be treated with metronidazole. A baby that size will need about 30 mg once daily for 7 to 10 days.
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Posted 18th August 2019, 06:02 AM
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It is normal for pigeons to leave the nest when not feeding the babies at two weeks of age, when they do feed it happens pretty quick and is easy to miss, as long as his crop was full a few times a day, all is normal and no need to interfere.

Humans just canít do as good a job as the parent birds. But now it may too late if you took him.
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Posted 21st August 2019, 03:38 PM
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im not an expert. But out of similar experience would ask you to force feed the baby with defrosted green peas 3 times a day.

And, Observe the inside of its beak for any white / yellowish spots of growth 2 times a day for the next few days.
Also keep a log of its droppings for the next few days.

If it starts showing enthusiasm, then its fine. If not, its definitely caught something and is not feeling fine.
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