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AdmiralAR1 AdmiralAR1 is offline
Posted 7th April 2019, 05:32 AM
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Sick Crested Pigeon - Looking for advice

Hi everyone

I have a rescued Australian Crested Pigeon, probably around 4-6 weeks old when rescued and has been with us two months. She weaned about 3 weeks ago and has been slowly putting on weight (assuming its a girl since she's on the smaller side of the weight range)

Two days ago I noticed that she had developed a "honk" and had visible mucous in her beak. I immediately started treatment with Baytril, so far with no obvious improvement. My biggest worry at the moment is canker.

She's quiet and quite sedate in her cage, and almost immediately goes to sleep on my hand but when I initially let her out of her cage yesterday she merrily took off around the room. In general I'd say her behavior hasn't changed much. I've checked in her throat and there are no apparent signs of canker and no smell, her poos are solid and well formed in a lighter green than usual. She's still eating regularly but has lost about 10g from her last weigh (down to 170ish from a peak of 180g)

Is there anything more I can do for her? I've added Apple Cider vinegar to her water.
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Ladygrey Ladygrey is offline
Posted 7th April 2019, 07:58 AM
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Is there a veterinarian in your area that treats wildlife or rehabs wild birds?
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AdmiralAR1 AdmiralAR1 is offline
Posted 7th April 2019, 10:57 AM
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I have a go-to vet who is usually pretty handy with this sort of thing but he's not an avian vet. We're about 300km away from the closest.
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sukipij sukipij is offline
Posted 7th April 2019, 01:25 PM
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I'm very new to pigeon and this forum yet writing this as it may help someone. My rescue pigeon (1 month) did not show any signs of canker in his mouth or throat but the side of the face bulged. He was affected with pox already.

On one side of the face where there was pox on his ears bulged within a day and his other eye where he had pox on eyelids was watery. His nostrils were wet too.

I thought those were signs of pox until when he stopped eating and drinking. He was sleepy (possibly tired) and always blinked very slowly. No activity, he goes to a corner and sleep all day. He strech his neck and swallow empty mouth.

I had 2 other pigeons (similar age) that were so active till one day they stopped eating and drinking and died the following days. I completely blamed it on pox. But I checked one's mouth after his death. He had a seed like stuff under his tongue which was glued the tongue to his mouth.

Only then I suspected that it's canker and without a second thought started metronidazole. This saved the last one. He started eating again the next day.

Again I'm saying I was not sure and it was pure gut feeling. I came to this forum and asked help to diagnose what it really was with my pigeon.(I have no avian vets anywhere [I heard this term avian vet only after I came to this forum] and other vets are not ready to even touch pigeons)

Sorry for the long post but these are my experiences. I hope and pray to God that your pigeon gets well soon.

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Marina B Marina B is offline
Posted 8th April 2019, 07:11 AM
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Canker does not always show up in the throat, so one can't rule out canker by just looking for signs in the throat. I would treat him for canker (just like I suggested in your previous thread about the same bird). It's such a common disease. You might just save his life.
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