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Posted 4th October 2019, 07:54 PM
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Swollen Eye and Leg

Hi, my pigeon has swelling around his right eye, which was being treated with Vetafarm - Triple C as it appeared to be Chlamydia, however, the antibiotics was discontinued as he now seems to not want to put his left foot down. On examination, the planter of the foot feels swollen, and the leg joint is also swollen when compared to his right leg. The swelling around the eye has been present for a few weeks, and the swelling in the left leg is new. I've attached photos to this thread, and any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Posted 5th October 2019, 10:19 AM
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the eye issue reminds me off a bad case of sinus canker I had on a muff tumbler, which I treated with rondizole for more than four days to kill the canker. I eventually removed the dead canker by surgery and expelling the nodule. scary stuff, but it solved the problem for the bird, and has been fine for years now.
the swelling of leg and foot remind me of symtoms of salmonella, injury, or even lack of calcium. watch the foot pad most and apply triple antibiotic to the pad to see if it improves. also look for any puncture to the pad. if the bird starts to be less active, or puffed up, isolate and begin treatment with a floxen or cycline, to help with any infection it has.
you may have two problems happening at once, as the bird gets stressed. also make sure a band is not causing soreness on the tender leg, and cut band off if necessary.

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Posted 5th October 2019, 08:43 PM
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Thanks alby68. I initally thought it was canker, but he didn't respond to the canker tablets I have which treat wet and dry canker. The swelling of the leg and foot may very well be calcium related. The antibiotics discontinued recently required the removal of all grit and calcium from his diet, and within a week of being on the antibiotics, the problem started. He is currently isolated from the rest of the pigeons, and doesn't have a band.
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