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Posted 6th January 2008, 07:35 PM
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Hi Enid,

To wipe out a bad infestation of mites, you need to treat a second time 14 days later to kill any eggs that have hatched (and maybe again after another 14 days to catch any that were missed). I've not been impressed with the sprays' penetration of their feathers. I've had very good results with Ivermectin that you add to their water, which treats both external and internal parasites systemically.

Make sure you clean and treat the bird's living quarters, too. I use a light dusting of pyrethrin powder (the product for cats) every month or so to discourage any vermin.

Hope Daisy is soon happy and itch free!
Terri B
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Posted 7th January 2008, 03:31 PM
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Hi Enid,

I don't have any experience with mites -- glad others posted Just wanted to add my compliments on what a wonderful job you've done with Daisy. I just finished reading this whole thread and it is amazing what he/she has been through.

I also followed all the work you did for opposing the NY ban on feeding pigeons -- your rebuttel was an excellent piece of work! You must have been going just non-stop then (bet you still are ).

Hope the problem with mites goes away completely and that Daisy is mite-free soon!!


P.S. Did you ever find and move to another apartment? I remember you looking....
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