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Posted 11th December 2007, 07:15 AM
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Should be pretty much the same thing. I know the reptile lamps are pretty much "sunlight" even though artificial but it does have what an animal needs.

DrFoster and Smith is my favourite place for pet shopping, they have pretty much everything. The reptile lamps are much cheaper I see, compared to the bird lights and should be pretty much the same thing.


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Posted 12th December 2007, 02:36 AM
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Originally Posted by ryannon View Post
Thanks for reminding me of the author, Sabina!

A description can be found on his website:



I actually have it (somewhere) and would be happy to send it over to you - I don't believe in holding on to books; it's better when they're shared. In turn, you could pass it on to a forum member who hasn't read it, and so on...

Cool...sounds good to me...thanks!

Your mention of excercise and play...with Poopzilla..

I'd think are definitely good for him...

If you lightly 'glisten' his Seeds with some fresh Olive Oil...you can get powders to stick to the Seeds, and, then he gets the powders as he eats.

Powders can be lots of different things...

- Powdered or fine-flaked 'Purple Dulce'...

- Brewer's Yeast

- Vitamines-Minerals, such as 'Nekton T' ( which you could send off for Mail Order, it is well known in Europe)

You can finely mince some fresh Garlic, add some of that to his day's worth of Seeds...

Non-salty sorts of Sea Weed, the 'fine' textured ones, he will either enjoy eating merely shredded by your fingers into small bits, or, you can grind in a little Coffee Grinder into a powder to add to his 'glistened' Seeds...

Fresh Greens, such as Endives, Beet Tops, Kales, Chards...( skip Lettuce if of common sorts, ) which...if he does not peck off bites as you hold some ( and as you hamm it up about how good it is) then take some Scissors and cut up tiny 1/8th inch 'diamond' shapes, say, a Teaspoon full or more, and have a little pile of that, next to his Seeds...and pretend-peck at them to get him going on them...

Get him some still chewy not stale whole Flax Seeds every now and then and encourage him to eat them.

Direct Sunshine is important for them to make Vitamine "D"...and they get it best that way, rather than in supliments...

If your Window gets straight Sunshine coming in, arrange some sort of grill so the Window can be 'open', and the Bird safe from getting out...

...or, make find or get a sort small sort of easy Cage, something easily carried, and bring him to the Park or something, where you can read-a-book, and he can get some Rays safely...

Just so he can have some now and then...

Best wishes...

l v
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Posted 12th December 2007, 02:45 AM
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PM sent for your address, Phil.
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Posted 12th December 2007, 12:34 PM
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Reading Phil's post about greens, reminded me of Squeaks and his greens. I was making a salad one day and accidently dropped a small piece of Romaine. Squeaks just happened to be in "mate" mode and was in the kitchen with me. I looked down and Squeaks went after that piece in a flash and gobbled it right down.

I had other pieces of dark greens and started dropping pieces to see what he would do. He nailed them all! Sometimes, for kicks, I would drop a couple at a time...what a riot! He got 'em all and was he ever fast!!

You could always call it, "How to get your pij to eat his greens!"

Hugs and scritches

Shi & Squeaks

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