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How To Find A Rehabber Or Veterinarian

Nearly every community in the United States, Canada and UK has wildlife rehab centers and veterinarians that treat birds. Sadly, in the United States MANY of those rehab centers and veterinarians, DO NOT treat feral pigeons and other species that are considered NON-NATIVE.

If you have found an injured or ill pigeon and you have taken that bird into your care, you are that pigeonís ADVOCATE. If the injury or illness is beyond your capabilities, never leave it with a wildlife rehab center or with a veterinarian unless you have asked and been told for certain that they are pigeon friendly, their license does permit them to treat pigeons and they will not EUTHANIZE the Pigeon unless the injuries/illness leave no hope.

Should it be that the wildlife rehab center or veterinarian in your community does not treat Pigeons, ask them if they know of a veterinarian or rehabber that does? Most will be able to give you a referral but if they canít, try calling the HUMANE SOCIETY or VETERINARIAN CLINIC closest to you and ask them for a referral.
This may take some time but eventually you will find help.

If your referral is a veterinarian, he or she does not need to be an avian veterinarian but does need to be a veterinarian that has experience treating birds and specifically pigeons. There are more of them around than you may think, so donít get stuck in looking for an avian veterinarian per say. Donít feel uncomfortable about inquiring about the cost of office visit and exam. If tests or procedures are recommended, do feel free to ask for an estimate before anything is done. Only you know if it is affordable to you.

If your referral is a rehabber, ALWAYS take the pigeon to them.
Once you get there, ask to see where the patients are kept.
Ask if the rehabber works with a veterinarian and if so, their name.
Ask how much experience they have with Pigeons and what will happen if the Pigeon is non-releasable.

Notice if the place is clean and if the cages or enclosure are clean and the animals/birds well taken care of with fresh food and water.
If for any reason you feel UNCOMFORTABLE with the rehabberÖDO NOT LEAVE THE PIGEON. Remember, this bird was put in your path and you are the ADVOCATE.
The Pigeonís life may depend upon the decisions YOU make.

Once you find a rehabber and decide to leave the pigeon, if you can afford it, please make a donation. While many wildlife rehab centers receive money from grants and do have private funding, many private rehabbers are responsible for all costs to rehab the wild life they accept. Your donation
can make a big difference.

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