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Hey guys found this guy in my terrace today. I have no idea if I’ve posted this to the right place. However he can’t fly and won’t drink or eat. Came across your site and was wondering if anyone here can help tell me how to care for this guy. Not sure if he’s even a baby but based on images I’ve seen I assume he’s 2-3 weeks old.


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Well her name is J. Sebastian Bach and she's a white winged dove.
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He's a baby. Make a cage or coop, then give him water and seeds. If he doesn't eat the seeds, buy some pigeon pellets, hand feed him, he will eat each one, until his crop fills he will stop when he likes. Then repeat when he cries for more food, show him how to drink, use your finger to make a beak touch the water in the water bowl. He likes the sound of water and drink some water from a cup, off him that cup. Good luck, you're a dad.