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I found two baby pigeon in my garden yesterday no sign of any parent, they were just sitting on the ground they hadn’t moved all day, went to bed and woke up thought I’d look and check to see if they were still there and unfortunately one of them I found dead being eaten by magpies and the other baby one sat next to him trying to get away, very wobbly on feet and can’t fly! So I’ve took the baby one in and looking for some advice to help it so it’s chance for survival is high!
There’s lots of cats and magpies around my area!
I’ve handled birds before but not pigeons, I’ve got a bird myself but looking for some more advice on what to do.


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heyhow is he doing? did you offer some seeds maby wet oats with honey and a tad salty water see if he eats at that age i think he eats both and is given crop milk. didhe manage to eat yet