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Hello , please this is urgent , i found a white pigeon with feathered feet wounded outside , there is a lot of dried blood on the floor , i took him in , he drank , ate , i found the wound , its a 2cm skin removal by a cat swing probably , it doesnt look serious , but its like when your skin gets rubbed on concrete and falls off . Gave him salt and sugar water and seeds , he can eat and drink and flap , but he cant fly or walk properly , he falls onto the side and cant stay up as if his foot is sick , but i dont see any injury in it , the skin removed is on the left leg , but to me it looks like his right foot is the one thats sick . I washed him with salt water because he was reddish from blood , and applidd honey to the wound , should i give him antibiotics , if so how much a day and whats the name .


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