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    i knew only the wasserburg market n the south ov germany any1 knows where i can find another pigeon markets that sells show pigeons plz do me a favor an help me..
  2. General Discussions
    i want to get some help i ve been looking for breeder for this pigeon ( bohemian tiger swallow ) where i can find it any where in the planet just my aim to get couple? any breeder ?
  3. General Discussions
    my lovley revrswing pouter hen she is a bout 5 years old now when she laid her eggs they were too thin and she crushed them what i am supose to give her to be good shell eggs a im a bit upset a bout it ..........any recommanded treatment please ? and what the longest age expected for pigeon to...
  4. General Discussions
    i noniced that the most famous pigeon market in the south of Germany in Wasserburg. a about half an hour away from Munich it started scince 1th feb 2009 any1 had beed there could tell me a bout it?
  5. General Discussions
    deos anyone tell me where is the bigest pigeon markets in Europe fancy pigeons in piticular not racing ones ? and where i can find tiger swallow fairy swallow ghent cropper american domestic flight konigsberg moorhead short face tumbler please any recommondations ?