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  1. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    Found 10/20/2008 in Bronx, New York parking lot. He/she was in bad shape, now able to stand and walk a little. Wears a gray band #AGSG 08 176576 on right leg and a purple band on the left. I started to research to find its owner and learned of the atrocities of "Pigeon King International."...
  2. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    I spoke with a nice lady this evening who has had an AGSG 07 bird around her property for a couple of weeks. I have advised her to please try and catch the bird and contact me as soon as this has happened. This lady is unable to keep the bird and is anxious to know if there is a home available...
1-2 of 2 Results