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  1. General Discussions
    I've been reading this forum for a while now, and I've seen you talking about this bands. I looked up to see what were they, but I didn't find any information. What are these bands? Can somebody redirect me to any site or tell me the story?
  2. General Discussions
    Hi, I really don't want to sound too dumb but I honestly failed in finding an explanation for this abbreviation. I am not familiar with all the definitions and abbreviations regarding pigeon "professions". Also I could not find a thesaurus or vocabulary for special terms. Do you have one and if...
  3. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    Were AGSG bands only used by the Pigeon King International breeders? I bought some really nice red, black, yellow and white Trenton racing homers last year and many of them have AGSG bands. The bands they are wearing fit much more loosely than sealed basnds normally do. Keith
  4. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    Howdy. I have been reading on these turned loose birds and feel that I have to do my part, so, if any are located within driving distance of my home which is fifty miles east of Cincinnati (in Hillsboro), I will take them in "forever home" status. I have ten acres and a dozen racing pigeons...
  5. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    On Thanksgiving we found a pigeon with an AGSG band in Farmington, MN. We can't keep this Pigeon and we are looking for a new home for it. Thanks for the info on the website on the AGSG/ Pigeon King International Birds. What a sad story. I have also contacted 911 pigeon Alert. We...
  6. General Discussions
    Cam someone track this band number? i keep racing pigeons, in manitoba, and my uncle who lives 20 miles from me shot a pigeon who had this band number> i know lots about pigeons, i have kept racers for 3 years not, but i cant figure out this band number. help! i was not happy about the shooting...
  7. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    Hello! I had a pigeon arrive at my house in Michigan with a black AGSG band on it's right leg. We fed it since we have chickens and had appropriate food available. It has been 9 days. Unfortunately, it has decided to live on top of the freezer on our porch. I didn't capture the bird, but i got...
  8. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hey mates, i'm in Canada, Abbotsford British Columbia to be exact. And i heard something about millions of birds that were released due to their owners not being able to keep them? something of that sort, anyway i would like a kit or two of these birds, any idea where to get them near where i...
  9. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    here's a bunch of my AGSG pigeons. they look like rollers but i don't know what breed they are.
  10. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    here's a bunch of my AGSG pigeons. they look like rollers but i don't know what breed they are. IMG]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g291/stpasianboi/Picture004.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    "Kent, Pennsylvania. Mr. Flemming 724 726 7007. AGSG 456137 07. She is feeding it, but needs someone to adopt." There is no e-mail, so you will have to call .. if you adopt this bird, please post back here. Terry
  12. Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds
    I am not a pigeon person, I joined specifically only because of the bird in our poolhouse with an AGSG band. From reading this forum I take it that it does not have a home to return to- I am putting this feeler out there to see if anyone in my area (sherman, NY, near Jamestown NY and Erie,OH)...
1-12 of 12 Results