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  1. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Hey Folks, been looking through threads, I want to make a small amount daily and here's what I've come up with from the forums 1/2 teaspoon to .9 cups h2o or ~two drops per 10 milliliter (10 cc's) h2o thoughts? Rudyard SF
  2. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    I would like to give my 2 year old dove some apple cider vinegar in his water; I've never gave him any before. I only have 1 dove, so instead of adding vinegar to a gallon of water, I would like to add a small amount to his water bowl. The water dish is around 1 cup bowl. How much should I...
  3. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello there. One of my Pigeons sadly passed away yesterday. He had Protozoa in his droppings and was very unwell and I am concerned about my remaining two Pigeons; I want to do what I can to prevent this tragedy from occurring once again. I have purchased some Apple Cider Vinegar and Gaarlic...
  4. General Discussions
    Do all pigeons need to be de-wormed? or just ones that go outside? how would you know if they had worms? or do people routinely de worm as maintenance as with some other animals? or just if they are sure they need to? also what about using the apple cider vinegar to prevent things (canker? or...
  5. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    Hi there, Two days ago (Saturday) someone brought in another feral squeaker to me at work. It was starving, dehydrated, lethargic, couldn't stand, had really watery and green poop and was very sleepy. I actually was not sure it would make it. I warmed it up for about half an hour and then fed...
  6. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    What kind of brand do you guys use for apple cider vinegar?
  7. General Discussions
    Assalamu-alaikum. I have found Heinz's ACV in Meena Bazar. I could not find Bragg's yet. Is bragg's ACV available in Bangladesh? Unfortunately i do not live in Dhaka. So it is tough for me to search thoroughly. Do anyone know about it? Please help. Your help will be greatly applause. :)
  8. General Discussions
    Okay I've read alot about Apple cider vinegar and garlic .. the general feeling is that it is good for pigeons ... but no one really gives a correct dose .. and if u can mix them together and if u can "over do it" ... help lol
  9. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello, I have a hen that's feeding youngsters and she has been limping for two days now..... I thought maybe she just hurt it, but I looked at it today and I noticed that the pad on the bottom of her foot seems swollen... Is there any thing that I can give her to help her with the swelling...
  10. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello folks, just would like to know What MEDICINE YOU MUST HAVE IN YOUR LOFT TO PREVENT ANY DESEASES ? Any input? thanks
  11. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    i think i have a sick pigeon, i has been doing nothing and laying around alot and is having little squeaks. (not the normal ones that is cheerful or scared one) i will not be ATKs for a while to see if his/her droppings are looking fine
  12. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Does anyone have a brand of probiotics they use on pigeons? I know many people use Benebac, but I think the ingredients are kind of junky (although it is supposed to contain the avian strain of acidophilus), plus I'd have to administer it individually. I've been using a human product (powder...
  13. General Discussions
    i am hand feeding a baby homer and he is going onto day 6 tomorrow and i know the hand raised birds are far behind but i looked at pictures of day by day developing chicks and mine is on day 2 by the looks of the pictures..... are they usually that far behind?
  14. Archive - Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Hi, I have bought the book ''Vet's Tips For Fanciers'' by Dr. Zsolt Talaber. In this book, Dr. Talaber has a very good article about Zeolite. I wrote to him to know the quantity we should mix into drinking water as it is not written in the article. I would like to know if someone already tried...
  15. General Discussions
    when do pigeons moult? and what do you need to do for them when they do moult?? thanks
  16. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hello everyone, i need your help to cure this pigeon. i rescued him 7 days ago and it has been living with me ever since. When i rescued him he was sitting on the footpath, not flying away even when people walked by very close to him. The pigeon has some sort of swelling around its eye. its...
  17. General Discussions
    Okay I need to Order some medications and such. But there are so many could you guys give me a good idea on what to keep on hand and how much. We have 60 birds. How do you know when they need wormed? How often do you do it? Is there something I should treat the flock with? I don't know if...
  18. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hey All. This thread should be pretty short...I just need some suggestions/ideas on a good, healthy high-calorie food or supplement for my feral friend (see my thread in this section entitled "May need suggestions in how to catch"). Wingy...as I am calling her....has been up in the eave of my...
  19. General Discussions
    I was candling my eggs yesterday and I found 2 eggs from the same parents not feeling right. They were warm, fertile and showed no damage. They were light weight from the previous or from the time they were laid. Its about 10days now.
1-19 of 450 Results