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  1. Forum Guide for New (or even Not So New) Members
    When you are logged in, at the top of the forum, click on the navigation link "User CP": From there, look down the side menu and find "Edit Avatar" under the 'Settings & Options' heading: Scroll down the bottom option, 'Custom Avatar' - you can use 'Choose File' (1) to browse the images on...
  2. General Discussions
    My efforts to have a customized avatar and profile pic have been in vain. I tried with trimming down the sizes of these and in various formats but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong or are these options not functional any more?
  3. Archive - Small Talk
    im trying to put a picture of my feathered friend in my avatar picture but it wont save the image! its says something like "image cant be saved" this is the picture i want in there! its 100x100 just like it says so i dont know what im doing wrong can the admins, mods or anyone help ...
  4. Archive - Small Talk
    Ok so this is a weird thread and I'm probably going to look real dumb when somebody points out how to do it...but how do you get a moving avatar? My computer can't save GIFs for some reason and there must be some other way of doing it... Yes, i know that I'm not that techno-savvy :rolleyes: