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baby pigeon

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    Well, it's time to clean the fire escapes again!!! I was sitting at my desk working on some paperwork this morning, when I overheard someone mention that the stairwells were being cleaned. I casually took a break, went up to the roof, and found these men hosing pigeon nests, babies and all down...
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    baby pigeon is now pecking at seed! I still give him eyedropper feeding a couple times a day, but he's just starting to clean out his little dish. He stopped eating out of the glove a few days ago so I started using the eyedropper and I think that gave him incentive to go to the dish. Still...
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    me and my bro are having some good luck now first baby pijjie has survived and is learning to fly and another one is being hand raised it is 6 days old so far and is doing very well and have another 2 chicks with its mom and dad with black heads is that normal????. Thanks Jason
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    Good News: I found a baby pigeon today! My driver found him perched on top his bathroom door. (outside)I think its a she....she was in a shock and wouldnt move...Her feathers arent fully grown..seems like she "?flew" unsuccesfully out of hernest somewhere. I have lots of stray cats around so I...
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    i found a baby pigeon in my yard it looks as though it is only about 2-4 days old i can not quite tell. i read the resources and how to care for it, but i still feel really nervous. i had found an older pigeon about a year ago and it did not survive. please any information or comfort would be...
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    I have a baby pigeons 4days old the parents stopped feeding it i put some baby formula in it but its not digesting it. its crop has been full for 12 hours and its not gettin any smaller wot should i do? ------------------ Robert