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  1. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Back with another question on my newly-acquired indoor pet pigeon: I adopted a white pigeon just about two weeks ago. He's not a king - looks like a release dove. I'm in the U.S., and adopted him from animal services in Maryland. (Animal services usually picks up animals who are homeless...
  2. General Discussions
    Hi! So back in April there was a baby that was downed from its nest outside of my work. Because of the impending weather and its proximity to a high-volume parking lot, I chose to rescue it. I took it to a local rehaber to get information, but wanted to keep it as a pet. A trip to the vet and a...
  3. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    We've had our two Diamond Doves- male and female- for over a year now, and they've successfully mated. When we first got the doves we allowed them to raise two young, which we kept until the male became too aggressive towards them (about a month each). We separated the two offspring from their...
  4. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Yesterday morning my pigeon was in her cage, and I was going to be leaving the house soon, and realised the cage was a mess with poop in her water bowl and poop all over the news paper flooring. I curved my hand around her to get the bowl of water out, and expected she would probably move out...
  5. Archive - Pet Pigeons And Doves
    I have posted a few times about "Corny", a feral pidge I found as a baby and who is now getting on for 4 months old. I have just recently determined that Corny's a girl, which was difficult, because her behaviour seems very "butch". She does the throat-puffing dance and loud cooing very...
  6. General Discussions
    I posted this earlier in another thread and it was suggested that I repost in a new thread, so that more people might be able to help :) Hi I am new here, and I am clueless about taking care of a bird that is staying with me for awhile. thanks beth
1-6 of 6 Results