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breeding loft
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  1. Loft Designs
    I converted a 6x10 shed into a loft. I would have liked to have gone bigger but its almost impossible to get a permit around here. For some reason they do not care how many 6x10's I put up. So the plan is to put up another in early April and use it as my flying loft. Fortunately I have...
  2. General Discussions
    I've made an update on my breeding loft, check it out! Maybe it'll help out the new guys with tips on making a new loft. Click on the link below, hope you enjoy :] https://youtu.be/dZ2fTXWEzQ4
  3. Loft Designs
    Hi i am new to racing pigeon ,should i have a separate building for breeding pigeon and ybs im planning on having a elavated loft for my ybs and the breeding on ground level so it can have an aviary
  4. General Discussions
    Hi everyone.. I found a craigslist ad about a breeding loft and i wanted to get some opinions before i purchase it. The price is anonymous to you guys at the moment. here are the pics and measurements. I think it's a good investment just want some opinions on it before i make my final decision...
  5. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    How many breeding pair of homers can be keeped in a 8 by 18 breeding loft
  6. General Discussions
    A couple of times over the years I have remodeled breeding lofts. Each time ive placed the pairs in a smaller, somewhat crappier, area for temporary housing. Really crappy "nest boxes" are provided, just so the pairs can feel like pairs while everything else is toppsy-turvy. Recently, these...
  7. Loft Designs
    Does anyone have any pictures of a Breeding loft that has indv. spaces for each pair? Thanks
  8. General Discussions
    First, thanks for the information that I have found here. Had a loft (coop) and a kid....now I want to do it right. Plan on dealing with racing pigeons and not show pigeons. Have been doing a lot of reading on the internet and have found varied thoughts on almost all thing pigeon related...
  9. Loft Designs
    Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time. I'm looking to build a breeding loft (this tax season...lol) to plan for next year and would like to "see pictures" of lofts similar to what I'll be describing. Since Im just starting out and only have a racing loft I'll need something before long...
  10. Loft Designs
    Just thought I'd share a few pics of the breeding Please keep in mind that I had to do this in a long weekend. My other one was destroyed in a storm, thankfully most of the breeders became trapped in their boxes. This was a former dog kennel with the concrete and creosote post already...
  11. Loft Designs
    OK guys i was having problems with my neighbors. They were complaining that my large loft was wrecking their view. WOW what a view....you can see the back of my house and my back yard...and my bedroom window. Thats where i got creeped out so now i never have my blinds open :D LOL anyway onto the...
  12. Loft Designs
    Remember the nest boxes that my husband was building? Well, we got them put up last week but I forgot the camera. Had to go back today to do some minor stuff and I remembered the camera! So, here's the loft, boxes, etc... This is the loft. It's a 8 X 12. The guy it belongs to actually put up...
1-12 of 12 Results