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  1. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Just curious about who is gearing up for breeding season this time of year. When you pair them and when you figure your first round will be. Kurps
  2. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    How many out there pair up this time of year, and if not, when and why? I was thinking this could be another thread that is relevant to this time of year, and some thoughts and ideas we can bounce around.
  3. General Discussions
    are there aphrodisiac foods or supplements for pigeons~? i have thought of it because my homer cock seems to not show much interest to hens^^ and it took so long for him to pair with my hen and it's just now or about 2 days ago they paired and i'm happy^^ but he still seem to be not in a...
  4. General Discussions
    I am wondering, how late in the season can Pigeons breed in the northern states, like Michigan and Wisconsin? What age do they start breeding?
  5. Rollers For Sale Young 09 & 08

    I been in rollers for over 25 years. My family is Simth, Lavin, Coderre. I once was 13th in the World Cup. Back when Monty was still with us. They are $25.00 each plus box and shipping. Thanks
  6. General Discussions
    This is my first year breeding and it is just crazy!! In the last week I have had an eggbound hen :eek:, an eggstealing cock :confused: and nobody is nesting where I tell them to :mad: I spent weeks measuring, building and painting nest boxes each big enough for 2 nest bowls and these birds...
  7. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Hello everyone, I need a little help with what to feed my birds. I have been feeding them wild bird seed with whole green peas and sprouted wheat added in. Is this okay or should I do something different? My birds seem to be healthy. If I were to mix my own feed what would be the best...
  8. General Discussions
    i was wondering if you can take away a hen from a cock and have it breed with another hen. TY <( - (oo) - )>
  9. General Discussions
    So if I get a new bird, just to have a bird, what are some affectionate,friendly, sit on your shoulder and preen you birds? I don't have much money, but I do want another bird or two. Or will any bird learn to be friendly with enough handling? Once he got used to me (after five weeks), my Cielo...
  10. General Discussions
    Okay I need to Order some medications and such. But there are so many could you guys give me a good idea on what to keep on hand and how much. We have 60 birds. How do you know when they need wormed? How often do you do it? Is there something I should treat the flock with? I don't know if...
  11. Loft Designs
    I am finally in a position to be able to add onto my loft. The loft I have now is facing to the north and I realize that is not the optimal direction. South is not good, considering where I am at, so I am going to turn the loft I have to face east and add about 13' x 6' onto the end of it. It...
  12. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Will it hurt the babies,if you worm the parents,while they are still feeding them,as well as new hatchs.
  13. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Last week i posted cos my 2 week old squab had really wet poops.Thats really calmed down now but the dad bird is pooping like a light beigy brown wet mush.He looks healthy enough and has not lost weight.I have got baytril but don't know if he needs this and if he does can he have it if hes...
  14. General Discussions
    Is there a certin kind of pigeon that are able to be homing pigeons or is it all kinds of pigeons? please help. thanks in advance. (go easy on me i just joined)
  15. Show Pigeons
    Here are some pics of my Indian Fantails.
  16. Show Pigeons
    Hi George: OK, looks like they made it. This is two birds that look like Indigo to me. What do you think? Bill
  17. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    i found a pigein that i think some one have cut it's tail and wings, cos i can see the white ends of the feathers i dont know stem. i took it home, but we have a no pet policy in the building, so i just want to make sure it is safe, and can get food, i have been feeding it and giving it water...
  18. General Discussions
    Hi, I have four new Roller babies in my coop. Two are singles in their nests, one in a nest box and one on the floor in a nest bowl and two in a nest bowl up high on top of a box. The oldest has all his feathers and the others are just getting them. It has been very warm and pleasant here in...
  19. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Finally caught my noisy (very loud) neighbor's children on film!:eek: :(
  20. General Discussions
    Bob is our rescued racing homer and tonight has turned into a real jerk. For the past 2-3 wks. I catch Bob and give him a garlic capsule, hes been just fine no big deal... until tonight when he started wing slapping me and biting!:eek: He kept biting, no thats not quite right CHEWING on my...
1-20 of 433 Results