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cold baby

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    Help! One omg my pigeon eggs hatched and the patents are not sitting on the nest! Its only 10°F out today! I can take him inside but I'm not sure which pigeons are his parents! There is a heating lamp in coop but that's it for heat! The coop isn't fully enclosed! Help!
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    This afternoon, about 4:30, I fed my Rollers as usual and checked on two newly hatched suabs. One was missing and I quickly found it lying cold and still on the loft floor beneath the nest. I picked it up and it was very cold. The high today was about 45 degrees. The bird did not move although...
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    Just happened to have the camera when I walked by the pen and saw this. How sweet is that? COLD?? Who says it's cold??? And these babies are 2 weeks old. She's always such a good Momma.