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  1. General Discussions
    The flock in my neighborhood is facing devastation and I don't know what to do to prevent it. Their nests are located under the pedestrian bridge, inside the crevices on three sides. This section of the bridge is now being repaired with the abrasive blasting steel technique. The work is being...
  2. Loft Designs
    Hello! I am a biologist and I study pigeon behavior. I am looking to contract the construction and delivery of four custom-built pigeon rooftop lofts that can easily fit 15 pairs of breeding pigeons in each of them very happily. I live in New York City, so being able to deliver these lofts here...
  3. Loft Designs
    We don't even have birds in the other loft and I already think of how to buikd the next one. Here what i have. the space is 12 x 15 two sides are block walls. There will be a large window in the south wall as this loft will have to face north. I would like some thoughts on how best to use the...
  4. Loft Designs
    Hi everyone, its been a while. I have started building again. I will post some pics. This is the Deck i have started on to watch my Birds fly. :D
  5. Loft Designs
    Hello, I'm starting a new loft because my flock is outgrowing the current one. I keep Giant Runts and TX Pioneers, so fairly heavy, large birds. I'm thinking of a 12 x 8 ft loft. My current idea is to build a basic frame (2 x 4s), make a solid floor on 8x8 ft and a wire floor for the front...
  6. Loft Designs
    Attached are pictures of where we started, where we are and where we are going in the pigeon keeping hobby. This picture is the first coop I built. I had no idea what I was doing, and basically, built a rabbit hutch with nesting boxes on the back. I already added box perches, and covered the...
  7. Loft Designs
    Hey guys I thought I'd start a thread of the loft build, although I got to warn you guys this is going to be very SLOW. We're only going to work on it, on days my brother has off and right now were working on setting up a swing set for our nephew, but hopefully we'll have the loft construction...
  8. Loft Designs
    just thought i would put this up. made for chickens but would be great for pigeons with the right perches and such. nest boxes are going on the back wall and a window will go above the small chicken door, left of the door. thanks for looking, Sampson
1-8 of 8 Results