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  1. Resources
    Hello! My dad is spending several weeks here and he has raced and owned homing pigeons for decades. I’d love to visit your coop so he feels at home somewhat. He is liking the sites of Southern California but keeping asking and I’ve never seen homing pigeons here. We are in Vista.
  2. Loft Designs
    Hi all, I know that there are bunches of designs out there for new coops but I am kindof in a unique situation and I need some advise to get my birds a healthy start. I don't have my birds, yet. I intend to get 4 white homing pigeons for the time being but I may keep as many as 10 at my current...
  3. Loft Designs
    I'm going to be helping a friend rebuild a 4-car garage into a loft for "dove release" white homers this summer. The building measures about 48 feet long, 30 feet deep and maybe 12 feet tall. It has 4 roll-up doors that measure about 10 feet wide. The general idea is to have four seperate...
  4. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Hi I was wondering if anyone on here know's of any pigeon clubs in oshkosh wisconsin or around there. I really want to join one I just cant find any info about them if there is any. Thanks for your time
  5. General Discussions
    Hey everyone! I found a picture of a loft that I want to build on my balcony..It looks like it doesn't take up too much space and would fit perfectly on anyside. Was just wondering if this is good idea for a starter like me? http://img857.imageshack.us/i/youthloft320.jpg/
  6. General Discussions
    Hey guys, I really need some advice on Pigeons. Well here's the question: What is an easy way to buy pigeons, then take them to your new loft, and make them stay and get used to the loft really quick??? Yeah so that's what I have trouble with. And if anyone could- How about if I buy Adult...
  7. Loft Designs
    Hello I started up in General Discussion, Now I am starting to build. My question is for the coop where they will be sleeping (Keep in mind I live in NJ & these birds will be out all year.) Should I fully enclose it since they will have an outdoor connection? Or should I put some windows for...
  8. Loft Designs
    I might as well get going on the last one guys and gals:D
  9. Loft Designs
    Built my new coop few weeks ago and picked up 6 young rollers today.
  10. General Discussions
    Hello... My mom has a chicken coop like this http://cgi.ebay.com/Chicken-Coop-Hen-House-Rabbit-Home-Hand-Crafted-JYC05-/250747455624?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3a61b68888#shId at her house... brand new she never opened it... I was wondering if it would be a good thing to use for my...
  11. Loft Designs
    My dad and i are looking into pigeons, and we want too look at some blueprints for pigeon lofts that will house about 10-20 birds. Suggestions please?:)
  12. Loft Designs
    I have a 6x16 now divided into 2 sections and I think I need one more lol, I am thinking around 6X12, I am running out of room here so building any bigger would be pushing it. I guess I could make individual breeding cages instead too and not build the new loft??? Just thinking out-loud...
  13. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I have been looking into getting a couple of Homing Pigeons, and I searched the net to see if there is anyplace that sells small Pigeon Coops. I found a lot of plans for making your own, but what if your not handy. Anyone know where Pigeon cages or Coops can be bought on the internet, or at any...
  14. General Discussions
    new coop by ktbug, on Flickr A little bit of work still needs to be done- mainly on the interior hutch. I wish I had used smaller poultry netting- I used 1" and wish I'd used 3/4". I was mainly concerned about rats, raccoons, and foxes. There are not many mice or snakes in the area. There is...
  15. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    I have a very damaged bird, he had a leg mostly torn off leaving me to cut the thread of skin remaining....4 days after the injury bird is alive and eating and drinking. He has the leg bone sticking out(like a drumstick) He has stop'd bleeding. I have kept him warm and safe, clean and quiet. I...
  16. General Discussions
    I get new birds and cage them in the coop for 4 weeks feding and watering them and taming them. After about 4 weeks we are looking at free flying them and they generally clear off onto the house roof and roost somewhere lese rather than in the coop. Two questions, how do I get them to go back...
  17. General Discussions
    I have a very unique pigeon coop with three rooms and 2 aviaries. Lost time for them. Mostly bolted together for ease of disassembly. Located in Richmond, VA.
  18. General Discussions
    Now I have to paint it..... Disregard the chick-fil-a cup in the aviary....LOL
  19. Loft Designs
    HEY THIS IS DAN FROM kING COOPS. I DONT CHARGE FOR QUESTIONS.....LOL IF YOU NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING I'VE BEEN BUILDING COOPS FOR OVER 15 YEARS, ASK AWAY! Also If anyone would like to know more about me you can see me on HBO's website on our Show Family Bonds, http://www.hbo.com/familybonds/ I'm...
  20. Loft Designs
1-20 of 29 Results