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  1. General Discussions
    My pigeon layed 2 eggs about 2 days apart but I just noticed that one of them is cracked. She is still sitting on both of them. Based on the pic I attached, what are the chances that a baby pigeon will make it through this? If there s no chance, should I remove it from the coop? You advice...
  2. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    today when i went in my loft i found out the one pair that was on eggs, one of the egg been moved out of the bowl ..and one been cracked... i don't know how? well after i feed them one of my cock bird had blood on his beak ... and i notice his egg just hatch today..... can a cock bird go mad...
  3. General Discussions
    Hi everyone. My male pigeon accidentally broke one of his eggs and put a big crack in the other. It's not really a crack, it's more of a big dent in the egg. How can I fix it? I've heard of putting wax on the egg but the only wax we have is scented candle wax. Will that work? I've also heard of...
1-3 of 3 Results