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  1. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hey all. One of my youngsters has grown up with a deformed beak. Today I used the dremel on it some but it's still sitting askew (pic below is pre dremel). I read another post that mentioned someone pushed on their birds beak daily. Any more info? Should I just hope to stretch the muscle that's...
  2. Training and Behavior
    My wee squab is 1 day old ive just one foot is fine the other the toes curl under is there anything i can do
  3. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    Hello, I don't raise pigeons, but I also don't hate them. I don't know much about them, but what I've been trying to wade through on the net for the last week. I may try to take pictures because i see you all ask for them to help out with problems :) this little pigeon about 3 weeks old, left...
  4. General Discussions
    I'm seeing a hen here that looks much like she may have 'limber neck'. I have seen it in chickens and know it comes from botulism. Can pigeons get this? I've been trying to research here and online but can't find much info. It can also be called 'crooked neck' or other things. Symptoms include...
1-4 of 4 Results