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  1. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    Proven mated pair... just had two young recently. SO I WILL INCLUDE ONE BABY. Great parents never abandoned eggs for a second. Cock bird has lots of seduction a sex drive. He is dyed that color he is a blue bar but cubans are weird and paint there birds. I can say that cuz im cuban. nice big...
  2. General Discussions
    Hello All, OK. Today when I went to feed the birds, I found an egg under the male voorburg shield cropper! :eek: :D OK I have raised about 30 birds, but none of them were mine, they were all from a breeder. It is the dead of winter here in Canada, and I am really scared it is going to freeze...
  3. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    hello all, as some of you know,i just got a pair of croppers, but one of them has a respitory broplem!!!:eek: when i breaths it sounds like its lungs, or nostrils are full of mukis. it does not have bad breath,but has a small smell. it does not have any visible signs of canaker,but will treat...
  4. General Discussions
    I recently picked up a pair of voorburg shield croppers, and the male has a respitory problem from breathing in a lot of dust from a dirty coop, and every time that he displays to the female, all that comes out are a couple grunts, I mean he tries to coo but he cant:( will this effect them...
  5. General Discussions
    Hello members, Just wanted to tell you that I just got my first voorburg cropper rescues (Male and Female) The female looks fine in my eyes, but is not “Show quality”:confused: ,and has some feathers on her feet, and the male has a respitory problem from breathing dust in a dirty coop. They are...
  6. General Discussions
    Just watched a youtube about pigeon breeds. I love seeing all the breeds. Just wondering what pouters and croppers were originally bred for? Can they fly?
  7. General Discussions
    http://users.boardnation.com/~spanish_pouters/index.php Its going to be great!
1-7 of 7 Results