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  1. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    I recently posted about a traumatic instant wherein I had to remove baby pigeons from their nest to keep them from drowning (some details below). I managed to return them to their nest, their mother returned and everything seemed fine, until I came home today to find one (the smaller, weaker...
  2. Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions
    Hi guys, first time poster. Unfortunately, it's too late to save a baby woodpigeon I was hand-rearing :( but I'm trying to find a reason for his sudden death and some closure, if anyone is able to help. Apologies for the long post. Some background - I'm a rehabber who volunteers at a wild bird...
  3. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    So this is day 3 since both eggs have hatched and I came to find one of the babies dead and stiff in the nest when the parents were not on it. It sadden me truly but I'm assuming the baby didn't get fed because the crop was completely empty... So My guess is that the poor thing starved or was...
1-3 of 4 Results