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  1. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi Everyone!! I noticed yesterday that my new homer pigeon was sick and looking weak and not eating I hand fed it and tried to guess what was wrong with her. I discovered that she had layed an egg the day before, I felt her anus there seemed to be something there I was very afraid that she...
  2. Archive - General Discussion
    I am sorry for my bad manners! I'm new to a computer, and recently found your site. Pleased to meet you all. My name is JoAnn, and I love all birds, especially pigeons. I asked the previous question about egg laying.
  3. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi! As a novice to pigeon raising I have a some egg laying questions. I have a pair of fantails who recently layed an egg before I was able to put a nest in their temporary cage. When we discovered it, it was warm. We waited for her to drop another egg but she did not. So we decided to transfer...
  4. Archive - General Discussion
    So here is what I have discovered since yesterday. When I was trying Ray's method with the sock on my hand, Bacon just pecked at it and made the pigeon noises very loudly at it. But today when I was playing with him, I started scratching the base of his tail and he squated down and lifted his...
  5. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi…Day before, I got myself a pair of white pigeons (fully grown, male and female), in addition to my already present 3 week old pigeons. Then today, something bad happened – One of my 3 week old pigeons (I call him Gabriel) flew off (It had learned to fly) to some high ledge I could not...
  6. Archive - General Discussion
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who shares info on this site.I was reading old postings and found one on force feeding sick birds with a syringe.At the time I was having a problem with birds going light.I had tried every kind of medication and vitamin with poor results,but since I've...
  7. Archive - General Discussion
    Does anyone know anyone who is getting rid of a African Grey Parrot? Or one for cheap? I really want one but can't afford it. Thanks ------------------ --Jimmy-- [email protected]
  8. Archive - General Discussion
    how do you mate pigeon or selected what pigeons to mate and how do you know whats a cock or a hen.
  9. Archive - General Discussion
    Greetings, The little guys are not so little now and are flying from my arm to the food box. First flight outside for the bigger one, Silent Bob, who made it to the next roof and then right back. Got some grit, to go along with the wild bird seed, but still don't quite understand what this...
  10. Archive - General Discussion
    Hi. I am wondering if anyone could tell me how to treat the following symptoms or what kind of disease this is? Symptoms: 1). Bird was flying well, now cannot fly, still walks though. No visible injury, broken bones, etc. Happened to more than one bird. 2). Bird cannot fly just before laying...
  11. Archive - General Discussion
    OK guys, I have 2 problems here. The first, I just lost 2 young Archangels because ants climbed into the nest and killed the young. This REALLY angered me. I ended up buying some "Black Flag" roach and ant killer but I'm not too sure this is healthy for my birds. Am I doing the right thing...
  12. Archive - General Discussion
    some of my birds are doing watery clearish droppings.what does this mean? their diet consists of a pigeon mix which i buy from a grainery and sometimes they scratch around on the lawn
  13. Archive - General Discussion
    Hello, Can anyone tell me how to tell if my girl is egg bound? She is ready to lay her 8th set of eggs, but she's acting a bit funny this time. She usually flattens herself to the ground and twitches her wings but this time she is making jerking motions with her whole body, it's difficult to...
1-13 of 13 Results