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  1. Pigeon and Dove Genetics
    These three sets of pictures show the change from a recessive red youngster just out of the nest to the bronze barred ash red expression of the gene on a blue pigeon. This first set of pictures show the bird just after it came out of the nest and began it's first moult. At that time I thought...
  2. Pigeon and Dove Genetics
    Look at what I got. This is the most beautiful color pattern I got this year. All my breeders are Blue Check or Black T pattern. A couple young birds developed tanish feathers with out a strong pattern. Full tan feathers, odd balls grew out here and there. This bird is much lighter and has...
  3. Pigeon and Dove Genetics
    I bred an oriental roller from a recessive red cock and a black hen carrying recessive red. They normally get red offspring or an occasional black chick. But this chick was born from them 8 months ago. She is becoming more and more dark as she moulds. Is this an Ember? :confused:
1-3 of 3 Results