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  1. Loft Designs
    So this is what I'm getting myself into. Free from Craigslist, picking up tonight, will get a coat of paint. This should hold a half dozen birds. I like this option because my entrance cost is low, it's portable in case I move again next year, but now I can finally get some birds.
  2. Loft Designs
    I'm researching building a loft and I'm thinking about the Redrose style as a first loft and my question is about using 2x4's. I'm in New England and I'm questioning is I should use 2x4's so that I can insulate the loft for the temperature control. --Rick McKinney Outside of Boston
  3. General Discussions
    I was given 35 racers to start a loft. I am pretty proud of the light airy loft I build. 18 nest boxes and several rails to perch on near the roof. I painted the inside of the loft and place a window at the right angle to catch the most light I could. The birds are breeding now. It started out...
  4. Loft Designs
    At first it was just two hand raised feral pigeons living along side us in the house over here...but they have set off a chain reaction which has led to a loft and more pigeons...as well as a new shed on order for a BIGGER loft...and hopefully even more pigeons. It's just a start, and was built...
1-4 of 4 Results