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    I love this; you have a whole forum here titled “Stories”. Awesome. I’ve been considering how to write this so as not to bore those already familiar with some of the details. Whether fact or fiction, a story is meant to be entertaining (of course that may be the Irish in me). So, lets start...
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    Sorry this isn't pigeon related but i've got alot of people wanting an update on my fish since my other thread one got overrun!:eek: Annnnyyyy ways......... i thought this would be cool just to share anyways. This is a live video of the sideview of my aquarium=...
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    http://ultimatefishingforum.smfforfree.com/index.php/topic,22.msg41.html#new follow this Url
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    Hey everyone, I just thought I would show you all my new Betta Fish!! If anyone thinks this is too of subject, please tell me.:o
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    I brought my dove Ivan in a week and a half or so ago as the weather is getting cold and he is an only dove at the moment. Unfortunately I did not notice that Ivan likes to drink from one of my fish tanks that houses my fancy goldfish. Even more unfortunate that Ivan was pooping in the tank...
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    This fish looks awsome not just because it has been alive for over 80 million years. They were thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. But, it was discoverd in recent years that it has not gone extinct. The natives said that they had been catching them for hundreds of years. They...