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  1. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    Hi there! We're in east London, UK. We found this sweetheart while doing a socially distant queue (there are upsides!) I noticed her squeaking and she was hiding on the floor in a doorway very scared, with a slight limp wing (she had full movement but it was hanging very low). A man in the...
  2. Non Pigeon and Dove Bird Emergencies
    Today, my parent's friends brought me a sparrow since they knew I was big on birds. Apparently their cat brought this little fellow and they don't know where it was from, where are the parents, etc. I can't refuse a bird in need so I thought I might give it a try but this is more challenging...
  3. General Discussions
    How old does a baby pigeon have to be before you can take them from their parents and not have a lot of problems? I plan on raising our babies inside once they're old enough, because the other birds in the coop have been killing them once they're on the floor of the loft. We've lost three this...
1-3 of 3 Results