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  1. Loft Designs
    I've been working on this aviary for my pair of ringnecks for...well, way too long now. It's a couple days from completion--I have to glaze new panes into the open windows and add the second door--but I've been thinking about the floor. It's currently covered in heavy-duty hardware cloth, with...
  2. General Discussions
    Any advice or experience you have with a disabled bird in your aviary or advice on encouraging pair bonding would help us TONS. I'm flying blind here, lol. Here's the situation: Last August, we acquired a very young injured homing pigeon. S/he's healed up and has been living in the house ever...
  3. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Pigeon in the (Open to Outside) Stairwell of my Apartment Complex -Orange County, CA This is my first post (I found this forum by googling) . I first noticed this Pigeon on Wednesday evening at about 10 PM. It was roosting on the floor in the hallway of my apartment complex. On Thursday...
  4. General Discussions
    Hello all, I am Paula. My husband passed away two years ago, leaving me with a flock of Birmingham Rollers. He advised me to get rid of them, but we've had a flock of Rollers in our back yard for 47 years. It wouldn't seem like home if they weren't there. Although I've learned quite a bit...
  5. Loft Designs
    This coop is taking much longer then i thought day 8 I used 3/4 inch 9 ga Expanded metal I really like it
  6. Loft Designs
    Hi All, I'm getting different responses as to whether wired flooring is or is not harmful to the pigeon's feet. Whilst in general, the aviary has hardwire flooring, the loft has either a piece of wood or slatted floors. What if the loft has also a raised hardwire floor? Of course, the loft...
  7. General Discussions
    Hello, I am in the process of completing my loft and getting excited about being able to raise pigeons. The floor is plywood, and I cannot decide what would be best to use as a floor covering, such as sand, wood chips, straw etc. If anyone has an idea or opinion as to what they prefer and why, I...
  8. General Discussions
    is it ok to have a dirt floor on a pigeon loft floor ? what is the best meterial for the floor ? thanks paul:confused:
  9. General Discussions
    Hi everyone! I'm having this issue with my dove (Palomiti): she (or he, I'm not sure anymore) has started to rip pieces of newspaper I put on the cage floor. The thing is I put the newspaper directly in contact with her/his feet because I'm afraid she might break a toe with the cage floor bars...
  10. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Hi there. New to pigeon racing. I was just wondering what sort of materials do people use for the floor and nest boxs of there loft i.e (wood chippings) for easier cleaning or do you use anything???? Thanks.
  11. Loft Designs
    We're making some progress on our loft; have laid a plywood floor (over the original floor of PT wood), but need suggestions for safe and effective materials to seal seams and fill the divots where screws have been countersunk. We also need suggestions for floor sealing & finishing; I don't...
  12. General Discussions
    Hello, I have finished some parts of my loft, and I was wondering what you guys use for the floor? I thought about using the rabbit wood shavings, but I wasn't sure. Any Ideas? Thanks, ValencianFigs
  13. General Discussions
    I have a pair that decided to nest on my loft floor. I was wondering if removing the nest and eggs will do any long term damage to the pair. Will they make a new nest else where and re lay?
  14. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Why is it that some pigeons would rather nest on the ground when when their are open nest boxes? I keep cleaning up the nest on the ground hoping that they would go to the empty nest box. But NO, they rebuild it and laid an egg so i will have to leave it. Southwing
  15. Loft Designs
    On the lofts with grating on the floors, how do you clean under that? Surely the poop & debris must accumulate where it needs mucked out? I have my breeding loft of 6 X 8 with wood floor that I sweep & clean up daily, but need to build another loft strictly for fliers, something low...
1-15 of 15 Results