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  1. General Discussions
    This is a great video of some strong flying white pigeons that includes some real nice slow motion footage. Hope you enjoy it and possibly like, share and subscribe, thanks https://youtu.be/3fb5_lcMbpo
  2. General Discussions
    here is a look at my new loft, let me know what you think! thanks https://youtu.be/p2szoybsDFc
  3. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    which pigeon breed is this?with which breed it can be bred to get good flying pigeons?
  4. General Discussions
    im curious if seems decent idea, or anyone has tried this, as used commercially to remove other birds, but havent heard of pigeon or chicken enthusiasts implementing to detour nesting and hunting in areas flying pigeons, or foraging/ranging chickens. im posting here as most hearing about...
  5. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    I am interested in getting some NY flying baldies,but would like more info. on them.Do they tumble,roll,or are just high flyers? also any body out there have kormornor tumblers that still fly and tumble? I live in colorado springs,Co. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Performing Breeds
    What do people look for in performing roller pigeon, even before they start to roll? Apperances? Any signs? That shows they might be good roller pigeon? The eyes, body shape, legs, feather, colors, anything? I was told that if the eye was pearl looking like, it would be a good one?
  7. General Discussions
    i have two birmingham rollers, but when i let them out they fly strait on my house roof and my neibours, its a bit annoying, i was thinkng if i got more than two pigeons would they fly more, i was thinking to get one more at the moment, and mayby get some more in the future. what do u think i...
  8. General Discussions
    if this dont work try the other one. click picture or other link. heres a video showing the room they have in the loft to fly. http://s717.photobucket.com/albums/ww173/customconceptsgarage/?action=view&current=myrollers081.flv -chris
  9. Breeds - Information & Identification
    The Birmingham Rollers discussion thread is now open. Many thanks to bigislerollers for this fine article and for having it ready early! :) I'll be back with a question or two in just a bit. Gotta go put the pics in the Gallery right now! You can read the article here: Birmingham Rollers...
  10. General Discussions
    a while ago a hawk torn my pigeon family apart and left me pigeon less my mom found out from a friend of her that crows drive away a hawk. she found a man with 25 crows and she called him and he came over he released his crows and they drove the hawk away with no harm done to the hawk and today...
1-10 of 10 Results