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  1. Adoption Forum for Pigeons
    I live in Las Vegas & they consider pigeons pests & will not help anywhere! This little guys is blind (I believe in both eyes) has a bad foot & hurt his wing. I believe he is disabled & the mother threw him out? Maybe hurt his wing when he fell, he also had a peck or cut on his beak that has...
  2. General Discussions
    hi i was very kindly sent here from pigeon & pet chat who have all been very helpfull but my new friends thought you could help a bit more as i'm in the uk newcastle upon tyne so in short we found a young pigeon on friday who is now doing realy well thanks to all the good advice i have been...
  3. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Hi, I have found a baby pigeon by the side of the road (next to a dead pigeon that had been run over) in Manchester. He can't fly and from what i can tell he is around 18 days old! I have no idea what to feed him, i have bought wild bird seeds and tried to give him soggy bread but he squeaks at...
1-3 of 3 Results