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  1. General Discussions
    What are the benefits of garlic to pigeons? and how to prepare it~? could it be handfed with thinly sliced or minced clove of garlic?? one or two? i'll search for more threads about it larter on^^
  2. General Discussions
    What's up guy's? Just have one question 'bout the garlic :) Do you guy's think that it's okay to keep the garlic in a jug with water for over 3 days now? Any thought's would be appreciated, Thanx Folk's! God Bless! ;)
  3. General Discussions
    Good old Garlic. I think it is the best single thing for pigeons and HUMANS. :^) I make a mix the good old way the Lorenz brothers did it. I buy a "LARGE" canister of pre-cleaned cloves from Smart & Final Iris. (I think it is 5 pounds.) Then I juice the cloves, and put the juice in a one gallon...
1-3 of 3 Results