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  1. Non-Pigeon/Dove Story and Picture Sharing
    This little lady came in over two years ago with high voltage burns on both feet and unable to fly more than a couple yards. With steroids, good food and a safe place to recuperate she will be hitting the open skies again this coming Sunday - wish her luck she has been a nice bird to rehab, a...
  2. Archive - Other Birds
    This young man came in from animal control Sunday. He was starved and so weak he couldn't stand up. This has been a tough year on the big raptors like Golden Eagles, it's been so hot that the small varmits (voles, mice, gophers etc.) stay underground during the day and as a result these fellows...
  3. Archive - Other Birds
    She's an adult female Golden Eagle, came in with a bad GI infection and some missing tail & primary feathers, close to starvation. Probably had been down on the ground for a while with the cayotes/dogs ragging on her. She's OK now, feathers are coming back in and she's eating mousecycles, now...
1-3 of 3 Results