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  1. Hall of Love
    I haven't posted anything Since I rescued Pudgey and he became our family pet. Sadly; Pudgey died peacefully in his sleep yesterday. He became infected with Paramyxovirus about a year ago in October. How he got it, I'll never know. My theory is that one of us brought it in the house on our...
  2. Hall of Love
    Farewell, my little baby :( Brookee2 was a young pigeon that was rescued in Manhattan NY. He couldn't walk but had a will to live. It took three rescuers to get him and he became a part of my family. At first it was thought that he might of had a trauma injury and needed palliative care. I...
  3. Hall of Love
    Came to feed my ferals last evening and Stumpy wasn't there. Certain ferals just have this personality and this bird had one. Stumpy was aptly named because something had gotten all his tail feathers with just this little stump. He could still fly couldn't land well though. The people that park...
  4. Hall of Love
    Fly free little Halo. Last night you got your wings and left us Barely knew you but know you are in a better place free from canker Pat
  5. Hall of Love
    Went to feed my ferals this morning and I lost one. Beautiful bird all charcoal grey. I must have come along after it just happened because the body was still warm. Removed it and prayed a small prayer and know it went to other side of the rainbow bridge. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to...
1-5 of 5 Results