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  1. General Discussions
    Hopefully someone besides Jay3 will respond. We have our first successful pair of young, (the parents have hatched several babies these are the first to survive) They are getting bigger almost daily and doing well. At what point will the parents stop feeding them and how does the...
  2. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    So I purchased a pair of diamond doves from Petsmart months ago (first time dove owner). It was believed that they were both female. I noticed some strange behavior coming from one of them.. "she" would bow-coo (at the time we had no idea what this meant). Anyway the pair is very much bonded and...
  3. General Discussions
    Hi Everyone, Been keeping pigeons for 8 months. Our first 2 eggs just hatched. Our adult birds are wild and afraid of us. They stay in Loft and Aviary. I would like the babies to imprint on me to be my friend. How do I do this? When do I start to handle the babies so they imprint on me (I...
  4. General Discussions
    Please Help My Pigeon Egg Hatched Today And I Was Really Excited But Now I Am Sad :( It Looks Dead It Is Not Moving And The Pigeons Are Sitting On It Which Makes Me Suspicious That Its Dead :( The Other Egg Is Red On One Side Will It Hatch??? Please Help Me!!!!!
  5. General Discussions
    I'm so happy! I wish I had realized sooner, but my 2 diamond doves gave me my first succesful batch of hatchlings! They're adorable, and no bigger than a bumble bee. :) I first realized this when I saw BOTH parents sitting on the nest, instead of just the mother. I knew this was unusual, as...
  6. General Discussions
    Im going to photograph the squabs daily for thirty days and post on my blog.I Think that may be interesting for me at least.http://www.3Gsloft.com
  7. General Discussions
    I'm proud to announce the hatching of my pet pigeon's (Aurora and Gabriel) first set of eggs. They hatched sometime last night or early this morning. I'm so excited. I was worried yesterday since twice during incubation I found one egg out of the nest and was worried it would not develop. They...
  8. General Discussions
    Last night I decided I gave them (babies and parents) enough time to settle in and what not, so I lifted up the male and found one egg that was partly hatched with a dead baby in it. I feel kinda bad for the little guy. On the one hand I did right by leaving them alone for awhile like some...
  9. General Discussions
    My first two pigeons hatched some time yesterday. I dont know how long it took, or what time they were out. I just heard one of them coo'ing, and looked over and the male was walking in a circle cooing and the female came out and looked inside the next and I saw some moving. :-D I should give...
  10. General Discussions
    After two previous tries, we are the proud grandparents of two ugly little babies. I don't care what people think about babies being cute...these things are tiny little featherless pink squirmy things! :eek: As some of you may recall, we have had a couple previous attempts at babies by one of...
  11. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Last Thursday I got home from a three week vacation to find some pigeons laid eggs on my balcony beneath some winter tires I have leaning against the building. They hatched later that day but since then one of the pigeons died (I buried him in the garden this evening) but the other one seems to...
  12. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    The pigeons that started a family on our balcony at the beginning of May have had a second pair of babies. They were born on June 18th and we have called them Max and Hermione. Here they are a few hours old. :o CUTE :p And here they are with Daddy Jeff.
  13. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    :)We have been anxiously watching the nest that appeared on out balcony about three weeks ago and today we found two beautiful baby pigeolettes safe and well. We've been watching the parent feeding them and attending to them. It's SO lovely.:D
1-13 of 14 Results