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  1. General Discussions
    I’ve had mainly red tail hawks in my vicinity in Nor Cal all summer. Not many problems. I keep homers and rescued some kings. Unfortunately kings only fly to the rooftop of my house and that’s about it. The couple homers just stay with them instead of going way up like they used to by...
  2. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    I have one female homer who lives in my apartment. We are good friends. She is outside of her cage most the day inside my room, bathroom and kitchen. She spends a lot of time by the window and so I think that she wants to fly around outside. When i bring her outside, I am worried about hawks and...
  3. General Discussions
    Has anyone tried using reflective tape on the birds primary flights and tail feathers to scare away hawks. Wondering if anyone had success with this? The hawks are real bad by me i try anything!
  4. General Discussions
    Hi All, One of my favorite racing homers, went out to fly this morning, at 7:30 and never returned home with the others. I notcied a hawk behind her and waited around to see if she came home and never did. Around 5:30 I let my other birds back out, and noticed she was in the coop when I came...
  5. Performing Breeds
    What is the chance that a cooper's hawk can find it's way into a loft via the bobs?
  6. General Discussions
    Just thought of everyone here! :D
  7. General Discussions
    At least 2-3 times a week I have a hawk sitting on my aviary trying to get to the birds. I don't know if its the same one or others coming through. You would think the same one would give up by now not getting any reward. Hoping to fly the birds soon but not when hawks are all over. How is the...
  8. General Discussions
  9. General Discussions
    I recently got into pigeons and got a pair of Gaditanos on 12/24/13. I've been training the hen to fly home from around the neighborhood. My goal is to get her to fly home from my daughter's mom's house a mile away. Also to use her as a coach when I start flying my racing pigeons which I got...
  10. General Discussions
    Hi everyone I am Back here. Ive been gone for few years. TA Whatley and George Simon, Ellen Whalley have been my friends;) in person for long time, I have stopped letting my yg homers out to loft fly. I take then somewhere so they come back. Not far. But they right in to eat. Well if...
  11. General Discussions
    And he looks hungry. Chased him out of the garden to another yard, but he wouldn't leave. It was around 3:00 pm and he probably hadn't gotten lucky yet. My poor song birds were all diving into the shrubbery.
  12. General Discussions
    Everything has been going great with my birds with the exception of having one of my German Owl youngsters taken by a hawk. It was the first time a hawk ever took one of my birds right in front of my face. I tried to save the GO as the hawk chased it around the yard ( which is about 1 and a half...
  13. General Discussions
    A few weeks back my pops was out in the yard doing his thing when suddenly a hawk swooped down and disappeared behind a car. He didn't think much of it until he went around the car and saw that the DAMN hawk flew away with one of my Bantam Crele hens she left behind a clutch of 3 little ones. My...
  14. General Discussions
    One of by birds was attacked the other day. I didn't see it but yesterday I noticed he had feathers missing around his hed upon further inspection you can see the skull. There's skin missing. he is actiing normal still boosing the other males around and mating with his hen. I put neosporin on...
  15. General Discussions
    hi i live in north eastern Lancaster county pa.(Amish land)..there are 3 pairs of red tail hawks that have nest built with in 1/4 mile of my loft. now the young from the 3 nest are flying around .i counted 12 hawks in the air that's not counting the cooper hawks that are about to migrate back to...
  16. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Hey guys, This morning while I was eating breakfast, my neighbor rang my doorbell and told me to lock up my pigeons if I had them open. I asked him why and he simply told me to look up. When I did, I was terrified to see a huge group of red tailed hawks circling my neighborhood. Since they...
  17. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Had a pretty good summer. Winter is close by. But the hawks are back. No more loft trainning. Just tossing.
  18. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    how are ya training going with hawks around? ..i put mine on lock down 4 2 weeks now and they are so fat now before that i got them to 20mile. their a copper that come by everyday still. are hawks bad over there?
  19. General Discussions
    I had a few falcons attacks in the last two years of flying racing homers. How can I help keep this bird of prey away and from hurting or killing my birds?:confused:
  20. General Discussions
    I have been thinking of ways to deal with hawks that attack roller pigeons. I read an article from 2004 from the UK that said they were planning to use a spray and "something to make the meat taste bad" to deter raptor attacks on racing pigeons. I have emailed the Royal Pigeon Racing Club and am...
1-20 of 48 Results