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    Copied and pasted this from my blog and I could really use the help: Well it’s sunday again and spring break! whoo-hoo! There’s a few things on my Spring break vacation I’m looking forward to including my L.A. trip. Anyway, I could use a HUGE favor, want to know what it is? take a look below...
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    hi all, I have always wanted to be a veterinarian, biologist, or wildlife rehabilitator. So I was just wondering what it took to be one, if you go to university, college, how long is the course, and what you need to apply. Now I went on this site and it said you needed grade 12 English, grade...
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    My friend and I found a new born pigeon, like just about 5 days old, out of the pigeon coop. We need some advice in how to care for it and what to feed it. We really don't want it to die because we've tried saving some other ones and they died because we weren't ready. :( So please, HELP US.