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  1. Archive - Other Birds
    How can I treat this? Do I just deal with it like a dove/pigeon, or is there some way of treating this more effectively. I can post some pictures soon- but I need a quick answer. The bird is extremely thin and emanciated.:(
  2. General Discussions
    Sorry, i know that this thread has been moved but i need it in a place that people check regularly... even if it is misplaced. i need advice!!! I apologise again to the Admin./Mod(s) who moved it... http://injured quail
  3. Archive - Other Birds
    ok i know this is not a pigeon but it is important anyway... i have an INJURED JAPANESE QUAIL. there are several large scabs on his head, he is being attacked by his mate. :( so i isolated him and observed him for a bit, when he drinks the water sometimes leaks out, or maybe it is clear mucus...
1-3 of 3 Results