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  1. Performing Breeds
    I have a question, i have a new kit, of my own youngbirds, they fly for 15mins,, and are rolling really good for only being 3 months old, but I do have this tree problem, they come out and fly directly up to the roof, sit for a min then take to the tree tops,, no i can't cut them down... but...
  2. Pigeons & Doves Wanted & For Sale
    These birds are out of 2012 birds I bought from Ace In The Hole last year. I trained the parents, but have never joined a club. Great looking young and superb health. $150 for the birds plus box and shipping. I want to see how these fly for other people. Thanks Gary
  3. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I am very new at this and want to start out right with decent birds. I'm not asking to find pro racing birds, just something to start out with. Maybe even just some breeder pairs. I am located in central Pennsylvania and would travel an hour or two to pick up. Thank you, Jason
  4. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    looking for kits of young birds to buy or if you would like to donate and i could pay shipping. i dont feel like spending over 10 dollars per bird since if they get lost i don't want to lose 25 dollars everytime a bird gets lost or eaten by predators. I would tell you how they are doing when i...
  5. Loft Designs
    Hi everyone. After months of reading, planning, and countless drawings I have finalized my design. I purchased the great dvd from Vivagirl (AKA ColorPigeons.com)of an interview with James Turner, one of the best roller men around today. In the video it shows a discussion about his methods of...
  6. Performing Breeds
    Hi guys. I am new to this pigeon hobby and would like some help. I received some birds from a distant relative, four rollers to be exact. They are about 8 weeks old now and I've had them for 2 weeks now (got them at 6 weeks old, still squeaking). Three days ago, they escaped out of the loft...
  7. Performing Breeds
    Hey guys, do you know if it's possible to train rollers to always come back to a 3 by 4 foot kit box no matter where it is located. So like, if I brought them to another place in the kit box and then let them go, would they come back to the box. I was thinking if kept the box in their loft and...
  8. Performing Breeds
    I have helped my grandfather raise our homers since I was born. With 18+ years experience with homers I now want to get some rollers. Any ideas on how to convince him we should get some. I hear stories from my uncle about his rollers when he was little and want to experience them for myself...
  9. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    OK well hey people :) i'm 15 now and i've had pigeons since i was 9. So they've been around me for the better part of my life lol. OK well now i have 40 pigeons. And then there are a few youngsters, and then there are the breeding pairs. So altogether i have 30 pigeons that i let out to fly...
  10. Performing Breeds
    Hey mates, well i got 20 rollers from a friend of mine. I just wanted to know, are 20 good enough to be a kit? And also, i have never had rollers before. Mostly fancies, and high flyers. I let them out today and all they did was come out, fly for 2 minutes and then sit on the loft. I have...
1-10 of 10 Results