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  1. Small Talk
    we went to tractor supply to get seed for our birds, when we came out side we heard a " meow" sound near a tree, at first i thought it was a cat bird or mocking bird, but as we got closer noticed it was ground level, we walked around this bush , about 2 feet tall that covers around a tree in...
  2. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Anyone have experience raising a kitten with an adult dove or pigeon? I am thinking of getting a kitten, but I already have a 200g, 1.5-year-old male collared dove who thinks he owns the house. He has free roam of my apartment both day and night except when I am at work. If anyone has any...
  3. Archive - Small Talk
    Kit-Kit is getting naughtier by the day. She has seen me printing off the computer and has somehow managed to switch the printer on and press the start button...then she watches for the paper to come through like a cat at a mousehole. I am certain she knows exactly what she is doing because...
  4. General Discussions
    For some time I have suspected that the information that I post may be used by individuals that wish to use it to harm pigeons. Last weekend John caught just such an individual doing a bit of surreptitious research.