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    Kittens Get A New Cat Tree Terry
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    These are still eyes closed tiny tots needing fed every 3 hours or so .. There was no choice for me today other than to bring them home and do my best .. Darling little ones that were just about done for when they were found today .. dehydrated and very hungry .. Details tomorrow if anyone is...
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    Last Saturday Hallswood telephoned to say they had a kitten for me, an undersized 12 week old female...I have to confess that I was a bit worried that I wouldn't, or couldn't, love her as much as I love Kit Kit, but she is soooo adorable!!!! Kit Kit loves her and plays with her, washes her and...
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    all you have to do is wait and if this happens you got a male and a female. Time to do a little cat trapping and off to the vet for fixing. NAB :-) Cute little guys.