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  1. Products and Equipment
    Im looking for bands for my Modenas. Ive emailed the Modena club in the US and never got a response. I really only need 4-6 bands since i only have a few birds.
  2. General Discussions
    Hi! What is the best size (inner dimension) leg bnd to use for Capuchin and Rollers? Second question: solid round or snap on? Thank you, kindly, Rudy
  3. General Discussions
    Hello I am new to this. I have a question and need some guidance from you guys. I recently bought two squeekers from this guy. He forgot to send the pedigree so I asked him to send it to me. He replied back asking for the leg band numbers which I thought was weird because shouldn't he already...
  4. General Discussions
    There's a white pigeon hanging around my house, its band number is AU 2012 APF 265. I've tried all kinds of searches but Google is giving me no joy. Can someone help me track the owner?
  5. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Do any New York members have 2 extra 2014 bands? I have 2 babies hatching in the next week, and want to just band them for the sake of banding them.. Hybrid Capuchine/Oriental Frill mix. Only planning on the 2 (the wooden eggs are ready for the next time..) Anywhere near New York City or Long...
  6. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    A pigeon turned up at our home this afternoon in Menands, NY that is either injured or exhausted. He/she has a green leg band and a black leg band. He/she is a mottled light brown and absolutely beautiful. We gave him a box to sleep in and some water. We will have to buy seeds tomorrow...
  7. Pet Pigeons And Doves
    Does anyone know of a place that offers plastic leg bands with just a personalized phone number printed on them? So far all I can find are metal personalized bands, but I need plastic as they are brightly colored. I suppose as a last resort I could get a plain band and use a label printer to put...
  8. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I need to order some bands for my Baby homers, I actually already ordered some but I got the seamless pigeon bands because I thought they would be better, well come to find out, these little suckers grow fast & on day 10 it was impossible to get one of those bands on them. So now I need to order...
  9. Products and Equipment
    just got some NPA banded birds (parlour tumblers), and some not, but some with and some without have blank blue snap on bands.. are these used primarily for breeder id or show, ect..???
  10. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Located in Franklin Furnace, OH. SE part of the state very near the Ohio River. Rain storms about 50 miles west of us. Nothing here but mild wind. At 8:45 p.m. I noticed the bird perched on top of our trellis, about eight feet high. He was completely unnerved by my moving around. During the...
  11. General Discussions
    As I keep reading on here and other websites I have a strong relation to people who band their birds and do wonder why some people don't band their birds, I have that Indian fantail cock by Paul Tipia which he is really nice breeding quality but he has no band, so I wanted to know if there are...
  12. General Discussions
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of where I can still get some 2011 AU Pigeon Leg Bands. I need 4 of them. It seems like all of the Pigeon Supply houses are out of them! Thank you for the info
  13. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Hi I was wondering if eny one had eny pigeon leg bands I can have to send to me by mail thank you
  14. General Discussions
    I am looking for 6 leg bands for homers. Where can I get them or if someone can spare a few for 2011? :cool:
  15. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    I am looking for a supplier of custom racing homer leg bands..heres the catch..What I want are the clip on style that are in sequential numbers. <Black band with Red text>. I've seen Foys, Siegel's, Jedd's, CBS and have not found them. I did find a place in the Philippines but it sounds...
  16. General Discussions
    Does anyone know where I can purchase Leg ID bands in a small quantity....more like 2-5? LOL I know, nearly impossible but any help would be greatly appreciated! I would prefer aluminum or plastic as these are full grown birds and I can't slip them over their big feet :D
  17. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Got our 1st baby today, I am in San Francisco need 2 leg band for the homers. Can anyone spare them for me? This is my 1st time dealing with babies so any advice or special instructions for me to follow. I know mommy and daddy are good at it, just want to help them out...
  18. General Discussions
    Tell it all. Some us of need to know.
  19. General Discussions
    Hey everyone, I am in real need of some 09 dove leg bands. Everyone seems to be sold out at this time. If anyone has any and would like to sell a few please let me know. Thanks Coop
  20. General Discussions
    Hi, since my birds have been gathered from different breeders, they all have different leg bands. which previously may have had, a meaning to the breeders. However the only real use to myself is being that i can identify them. i have seen on the internet that leg bands with your telephone number...
1-20 of 20 Results