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  1. Loft Designs
    Hey guys I am stepping up quite a bit from a not so small, yet definitely too small cage to a quite large indoor loft for my two Senegalese Doves. Both of them are quite young (hatched around October 2021) and I wish to give them a safer and more beautiful place to enjoy their time. I got...
  2. Loft Designs
    Hello, we have been raising feral pigeons for practice before buying homers We started with an elevated rabbit hutch, and our breeding pair liked it so much we have too many pigeons in there. We bought a homemade pigeon loft from FB marketplace and are readying it for our young pigeons move...
  3. Loft Designs
    I make rabbit hutches. Someone contacted me and wants to know if I can make one of my rabbit hutches work for a pair of pigeons. I know nothing about pigeons so I'm here to see what changes would be needed to my basic design. Here are photos of the basic hutch...
  4. Loft Designs
    I've been working on this aviary for my pair of ringnecks for...well, way too long now. It's a couple days from completion--I have to glaze new panes into the open windows and add the second door--but I've been thinking about the floor. It's currently covered in heavy-duty hardware cloth, with...
  5. General Discussions
    has anyone got this book for sale i am in the uk and will pay by paypal or bank transfer Loft, Stock and Barrel
  6. Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons
    Hello I am new here and glad to meet you. I am in a town that has about 27-32 pigeons. they hang out in my yard every day and I feed them and have water for them. The sit on the roof or the wires. I have a shed that I made a hole in for them to go in. a couple went in the hole and came out...
  7. I found a pigeon or dove - now what?
    Dear friends, Perhaps you remember those guys. They were raised at home due to long medical treatment, became used to predators and were looking for a placement. They visited an unsuccessful foster home, where they were placed together and the dominant one attacked the other, pulled his...
  8. Products and Equipment
    Hello all, names chris and just on here to gather some info on Loft Orginizers you use. 1. What loft Loft orginizer ? 2. is it easy to use ? 3. why did you pick it ? 4. did it cost you anything ?
  9. Loft Designs
    So i'm building my first loft. And right now i have a bunch of these boards left over from it and by time i'm done ill have a ton more. There 1x4's and the left overs are 2 ft each. I'm gonna have at least 8 of them by the time i'm done. Id like to cut them down again and use as perches but how...
  10. General Discussions
    Hi, I’m writing a short story about a pigeon racer. And I have some more or less technical questions I need answered to help round out my story. If anyone could answer any of these questions that would be a great help. Thanks in advance! How many pigeons are typically in a racer’s loft? What...
  11. General Discussions
    Do I need a separate loft/box fer males, females, young, nests, and the community? Thanks fer any help. Mule
  12. General Discussions
    When i put the pigeons in the loft together the female keeps biting the male
  13. Training and Behavior
    I only have a pair of pigeons who are mates, and i have a wood box where i put them in. they were getting together when i just bought them now the female kicks the male out of the wood box when they go to sleep BTW: a cat tried to eat them 2 days ago
  14. Loft Designs
    I have been interested in the sport of pigeon racing for years now but never took the plunge into actually doing it. I have been on the forums here and read a few books to gather knowledge. I am up looking at trying to contact some locals whom would help me with some info...I live in south...
  15. Loft Designs
    Hi I'm in the process of building a new loft for my first pigeons and am wondering what are the do's and don'ts of building a pigeon loft. I've already decided it's going to be 6'x12' because on my allotment site that is the biggest I can build and you have to put in planning forms so I thought...
  16. Training and Behavior
    Seasons greetings to all, I released 12 of my pigeons for the first time on Christmas day, that's yesterday in New Zealand, after nearly 3 months settling into their new loft. The birds that were not born at my loft all returned last night. The other 6 (4 were born at my loft and 2...
  17. General Discussions
    Loft Build Hello All! Im new here. Been reading for a while and learning a lot from everyone. Trying to get back in the hobby. Got two pairs of Racing/homers and two chicks from a local club member. Anyway, here's the loft I built. its 7ft X 10ft. Three 4X4 sliders on the very...
  18. Training and Behavior
    I was wondering if it was okay if I kept two breeds in one loft? I was thinking of a homer and a fantail, both adopted hens. I've only heard of people keeping multiple pigeons of the same breed... :confused: I don't want any fights for my future birds because of their differences, haha.
  19. Homing & Racing Pigeons
    Hello everyone, I am new in racing pigeons world. Last month i made a loft for my racing pigeons. Loft size is (H x L x W) 6 feet X 6 feet X 4 feet. This loft of mine is not for breeding. Can anyone tell me how many racing pigeons is best if i put them in my this loft? Thanks.
  20. Loft Designs
    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for helping me with my project. I would really like to get into this hobby, but I need help with the design of a smaller loft. I don't know much about what goes into a loft, so I could use all the help i could get! Thanks again!:D
1-20 of 337 Results