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    Im not surprised but so cool, was watching an old episode of Big Bang Theory and they said this and I didnt believe it but googled it and so there u go. lol http://youtu.be/vGazyH6fQQ4
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    Has anyone heard of this? Hayoful Boyfriend - PC/PS3/PSVita/Steam Game Let me capsize this for you because I think it is hilarious. Is it abosut real pigeons? Not at all. But it's pigeons and it's cute and really kinda messed up but totally worth seeing. Basically, it is a dating sim gave...
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    I'm kinda bored so I just though I would bright some people up with a couple jokes. Did you hear about the man who became a millionaire with one homing pigeon? He sold it for a dollar and it kept coming home a million times! A BIG HOLE Little Tim was outside in the back yard digging a big...