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moving birds into a loft
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    I have a pair of homing pigeons that are sitting on eggs. I am having a large coop built & hoped it would be finished before they laid eggs - too late. Can you successfully move a pair of birds and the nest bowl w/eggs to a new coop & nest box? I really don't want to have to maintain this...
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    Can I do it? Bonnie and Claudia (my flightXhomer crosses) are sitting on a pair of roller eggs each. Unfortunately, as I had to get them out of my roller coop a few weeks ago, they are in my kitbox. Last week they had laid their eggs on the floor of the kitbox, and I swapped the eggs out with...
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    Hey Everyone, I think by next week the birds will be able to be moved to the loft. The flight pen is not yet done or really started... Anyways, my birds are use to being kept at 68-70 degrees. On average it is about 45 degrees during the day..the high point being 50 degrees. It is now starting...
1-3 of 3 Results