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muscovy duck

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    I noticed this on the BackYard Chicken forum and wanted to pass it on in case it impacts you: "The Fish and Wildlife Service pass a new law that is effective March 31, 2010, that makes it illegal to own or possess muscovy ducks in the US except for meat production. They will grandfather any...
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    A member of the Starling-Talk board has Muscovy ducks and just posted this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoPK-eg1ZZs It absolutely captures the tail wagging, head bobbing, and so full of themselves attitude of Muscovy drakes. Enjoy! Terry
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    This is from a member on my Starlingtalk board .. totally hysterical! Pet Muscovy Duck Nesting Terry
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    Here is my BIG Muscovy Duck Drake, Mr. Nibbles II saying HELLO! Terry